Iberia paperless tickets now nearly 100%

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Iberia paperless tickets now nearly 100%

Iberia paperless tickets now nearly 100%

E-tickets available to more than 100 destinations. Used under 88 interline agreements with other carriers. Madrid-Barcelona shuttle is world’s only walk-on service with e-tickets.

Madrid – Of all the air tickets issued by Iberia, 99.3% are paperless electronic tickets, a percentage that puts the Spanish airline 2.4 points ahead of the industry average, according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Iberia was a pioneer in the introduction of e-ticket, making Spain a leader in the use of the new electronic format for air tickets.

Last year, paper tickets for domestic flights were completely phased out. E-tickets are even used for the „Puente Aéreo“, the busy walk-on shuttle service connecting Madrid and Barcelona. It is the world’s only walk-on air shuttle to admit e-tickets.

E-ticket are not only used for Iberia’s own destination, but are issued for combined travel under the interline agreements between the Spanish airline and 88 other carriers, a number that will rise to 97 in June.

IATA has set June 20th, 2008 as the target date for the total elimination of paper air tickets, which will save the airline industry some $3 billion every year by reducing paper and processing costs. At the same time, the paperless e-tickets are also preferred by customers, since they are easier to change, and can’t be lost or stolen.

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