Gibraltar: 2010 Museum Lecture Series and 80th Anniversary

12 Mai 2010 [07:58h]     Bookmark and Share

The third lecture in the Gibraltar Museum 80th Anniversary Lecture Series will be held this Tuesday 11th May at the John Mackintosh Hall at 2030 hours.

Gibraltar – The lecture will be delivered by Dr Geraldine Finlayson, who will look at what we know of the clothes that were worn in the past and the way dress and fashion has changed over the years, using artefacts and prints in the museum collection to illustrate her talk.

She will present details of the research that went into the replica of an early 19th century costume that was produced for last year’s Museum’s Day. The costume was painstakingly reconstructed from original paintings and drawings from the time, as well as other original sources. Using fabric patterns reproduced from original prints and only natural materials in order to preserve the authenticity of the final costume, the outfit was then meticulously recreated by Mrs Priscilla Sacramento who finished the work entirely by hand.

Dr Finlayson will also be discussing the mysterious Red Cloak which is often seen being worn by women of Gibraltar in 19th century prints and will reveal details of the research that was carried out into its possible origins.


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