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Resurfacing of Ragged Staff Road – Trafalgar Interchange Project


As part of the Government’s ongoing Trafalgar Interchange New Roundabouts Project, works will be undertaken to resurface the northern side of Ragged Staff Road for a period of three days commencing as from 2.00pm on Saturday 29 May 2010 until Monday 31 May 2010.

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Repair of lifts in Government Housing Estates


The Opposition Spokesman for Housing, Mr Charles Bruzon, has stated that the system in place for the repair of lifts within government housing estates is “cumbersome and inefficient”.

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Finnish Government Chooses airBaltic


The Latvian national airline airBaltic has won a bid for tenders organised by the Finnish government to provide passenger transportation along eight flight routes over the next three years.

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Bertolt Flick: Foreign Tourists Pay in Currency, Not Food Stamps


The Latvian airline airBaltic has called on the Latvian government to reduce the VAT rate on overnight accommodations from 21% to 5%, and to do so immediately. This, the airline believes, will help to attract additional foreign tourists, ensure jobs in the sector, and increase national revenue by exporting tourism services.

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Solomon Islands: Paradise With A Dark Twist


The official figures monitoring the considerable increase in tourists visiting the Solomon Islands are very promising. Yet there are many challenges which need serious consideration.

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Japan Facing The Crisis Welcomes Rich Chinese


Japan is facing economic downturn. Yen is too strong and the global economic crisis also does not help the tourism industry. Japanese government, however, intends to attract 10 million tourists by 2010 and plans to allow rich individuals from China to visit Japan on their own.

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Dry China Induces Snowing


China has problems with extremely long droughts. The officials try to fight it in various ways. They even artificially induced snowing over Beijing.

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Thailand Temporarily Waives VISA Fees


The Thai government decided not to charge visa fees between March 5 and June 4 so that it can lure back tourists.

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