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Czech Airlines Passengers Generously Support the Czech Paralympic Team


Over the past five years, members of the OK Plus frequent flyer program of Czech Airlines have donated more than 1.5 million miles to a special account to benefit the Czech Paralympic Committee. The donated miles are there to be exchanged by handicapped athletes for bonus tickets – for example, to travel to the upcoming […]

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CSA’s Vice-President, Jiří Devát, Appointed to the SITA Board of Directors


Vice-President for Information Technologies and Vice-Chairman of the Management Board of Czech Airlines (CSA) Jiří Devát was appointed to the Board of Directors of the organisation SITA (Société Internationale de Télécommunications Aéronautiques), the world’s largest provider of IT and communication services in air transport.

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Czech Airlines Adds another New Airplane into its Fleet


Another new Airbus A320 airplane landed in Prague, late Friday evening, wearing Czech Airlines’ (CSA) colours.

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ČSA carries nearly 5.5 million passengers in 2006


In 2006, Czech Airlines (ČSA) carried nearly 5.5 million passengers.

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ČSA carried over five million passengers by the end of November


Over the January – November end period, Czech Airlines (ČSA) carried 5.1 million passengers.

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ČSA employees should stabilise at 5,080 next year


Czech Airlines (ČSA) has managed to reduce those personnel costs that it can directly influence.

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ČSA website offers customers travel package planning online


From the beginning of this month, Czech Airlines (ČSA) launches a web-based service that allows its travellers to plan a complete foreign trip – including air travel and hotel accommodation – online.

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ČSA Copenhagen service celebrates 60 years


On 1 November, Czech Airlines (ČSA) will celebrate the sixty years since opening its regular flight connection between Prague and Copenhagen.

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ČSA charters rise by 15 percent over the first three quarters


Between January and September this year 686,000 passengers used charter flights operated by Czech Airlines (ČSA), which is a 15 percent rise year-on-year.

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