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US travel agents: Young professionals gather to debate industry issues in Jamaica


The next generation of travel agent industry leaders will discuss issues important to them at a destination retreat organized by ASTA’s Young Professionals Society (YPS).

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THETRADESHOW to Host Travel Blogger Show


THETRADESHOW is pleased to announce its newest product—THETRAVELBLOGGERSSHOW. This two-day event, held Sept. 11-12 in conjunction with THETRADESHOW (Orlando, Sept. 12-14), will bring together travel bloggers from across the world to network and learn from one another.

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Amadeus’ Kay Urban Featured Speaker at ASTA


Kay Urban, president and CEO of Amadeus Americas, will be a featured speaker at the general session at ASTA’s International Destination Expo (April 19-22, Istanbul) on April 21.

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Turkish Delight Culinary Tour Added to ASTA International Destination Expo Offerings


Foodies and those looking to learn more about the cuisine of Turkey now have even more reason to attend ASTA’s International Destination Expo (April 19-22, Istanbul)—the Turkish Delight tour.

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ASTA Praises President’s Renewed Commitment to Small Businesses; Calls on Congress to Act Swiftly


ASTA is praising President Obama’s inclusion of several key small business lending-related initiatives in his first State of the Union Address

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Win Big with ASTA’s Advice, Tips for Super Bowl Travel


With the National Football League playoffs underway and the Super Bowl approaching, sports fans around the country will be looking for travel bargains and packages for the big game. ASTA offers some recommendations for fans evaluating travel packages.

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Travel Agents File Comments to Antitrust Immunity for oneworld Alliance


ASTA and the Interactive Travel Services Association (ITSA) yesterday filed supplemental comments in response to oneworld Alliance’s (American Airlines, British Airways, Finnair, Iberia Airlines, Royal Jordanian Airlines) application for anti-trust immunity (ATI) to the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT).

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ASTA Welcomes Obama’s Call for Review of Traveler Screening


In the wake of recent breaches in the screening of airline passengers and comments made yesterday by President Obama, ASTA has issued the following statement: Reports of continued attempts to attack the U.S. passenger air system serve as a reminder of the ongoing need for coordinated federal action to ensure that flying remains a safe, […]

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USA: ASTA Offers International Members Tips


Advice on Working with U.S. Counterparts

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Puerto Rico to Host 2011 International Destination Expo in San Juan


Alexandria, VA – ASTA is proud to announce that San Juan, Puerto Rico will be the host of the 2011 International Destination Expo. Puerto Rico was chosen for its accessibility to U.S. travelers and its rich history and culture.

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ASTA Study Reveals Hot Spots for Consumer Travel


The recently released ASTA Travel Agency Business Trends survey has found that consumer interest in cruises remains for high for the upcoming winter and spring travel seasons, with the Caribbean and Mexico topping the destination charts for winter travel and spring finding U.S. travelers heading to the Caribbean and Europe.

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