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LAN Airlines gibt Pläne für ihre Boeing 787 bekannt


Einsatz ab Ende 2012. Dreamliner auf der FIDAE 2012 am interaktiven Stand von LAN Airlines

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Production Resumes on Boeing 787 Dreamliners with Fifth Flight-Test Airplane


Production of Boeing 787 Dreamliners resumed yesterday with the join of the fifth airplane designated for flight test.

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Boeing Completes Destructive Testing on 787 Dreamliner Wing Box


Boeing completed destructive testing on a full-scale composite wing box of the 787 Dreamliner, the first all-composite wing box ever built for a Boeing commercial airplane. This test is part of the certification process for the all-new jetliner.

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Boeing 787 Vice President Says Program is a Leap Forward on All Fronts


The Boeing Company is making steady progress on getting the 787 Dreamliner global production system up and running.

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Boeing 787 Dreamliner Structure Test a Success


Alenia Aeronautica, a Finmeccanica company, successfully completed destructive testing on the horizontal stabilizer of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

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787 Dreamliner Fatigue Airframe Departs Factory


Boeing moved the 787 Dreamliner designated for fatigue testing from the final assembly factory in Everett, Wash., to another production bay at the facility, where assembly work will continue.

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Boeing Achieves 787 Power On


The Boeing Company has completed the Power On sequence for the first 787 Dreamliner, marking the completion of the next major milestone on the path to first flight later this year.

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Boeing Agreement with LCAL Expands Exclusive 787 Dreamliner Fleet


Boeing [NYSE: BA] and LCAL today announced the leasing company placed an order for one additional 787-9 Dreamliner, expanding its fleet to 15 of the advanced-technology aircraft.

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Air New Zealand Places Third Order for Boeing 787 Dreamliners


Airline’s order total reaches eight 787-9s

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Boeing 787 Program Ends Year with Celebration of Progress


Customers, partners and employees gathered at the Boeing [NYSE: BA] Everett factory today to celebrate the virtual rollout of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the program’s progress over the last year.

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Boeing Adds Air Cruisers, Honeywell and Thales to 787 GoldCare Team


The Boeing Company [NYSE: BA] today named Air Cruisers, Honeywell and Thales as partners for GoldCare, the lifecycle support solution for the 787 Dreamliner.

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Boeing, Aeromexico Announce 737-700 and 787 Dreamliner Orders


Aeromexico grows Next-Generation 737 orders by 10. Airline adds two more dreamliners to planned 787 fleet

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Boeing Strengthens 787 GoldCare Team with Rockwell Collins Agreement


The Boeing Company [NYSE: BA] today named Rockwell Collins as the latest partner for GoldCare, the revolutionary lifecycle support solution for the 787 Dreamliner.

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Boeing 787 Dreamliner Livery Change Enhances Airplane Performance


The Boeing [NYSE: BA] 787 program has made a subtle but important change to the airplane’s livery to enhance airplane performance.

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Boeing Celebrates Second Anniversary of Dreamliner Launch


The team creating the all-new Boeing [NYSE:BA] 787 Dreamliner has made significant progress since launching the program two years ago today.

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