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South Dakota’s Great Faces: Arne Larson


With a passion for music and collecting, Arne (AHR’-nee) Larson compiled one of the greatest collections of musical instruments, including some of the rarest in the world. For that, Larson is known as one of South Dakota’s Great Faces.

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Lights, Camera, Action in the Badlands


The Badlands of South Dakota are the backdrop for a new film this week as shooting begins near Wall for „You Don’t Know Bertha Constantine.“

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South Dakota’s Great Faces: Sacagawea


Not only was Sacagawea (suh-KAHG’-uh-wee-uh) the only female member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, but she was a key resource in the success of the Expedition.

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Native South Dakota: A Travel Guide to Tribal Lands


Visitors interested in South Dakota’s Native American culture have an updated resource to direct them to tribal lands and attractions.

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River City Racin


River City Racin’, one of South Dakota’s Great Events of 2010, will have more participants than ever this year from the American Power Boat Association (APBA) and an improved viewing area.

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South Dakota


Cecil C. Gideon is honored as one of South Dakota’s Great Faces because of the major landmarks he left in South Dakota.

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South Dakota: Josef Meier became an actor when he was 10 weeks old…


Therefore, it’s fitting that he established the Black Hills Passion Play in 1939, transplanting a custom of his native Germany into a well-known tradition in South Dakota. For the positive impact he had on the state, Josef Meier is recognized as one of South Dakota’s Great Faces.

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Fort Sisseton Historical Festival


Fun on the Frontier: Fort Sisseton Historical Festival

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