IATA Announces Eagle Awards

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The International Air Transport Association (IATA) recognized the outstanding achievements of ISAVIA (Iceland), Air Traffic Control the Netherlands (LVNL), Nav Canada, Greater Toronto Airports Authority, and Charlotte Douglas International Airport (North Carolina, USA) with IATA’s prestigious Eagle Awards

Berlin – The International Air Transport Association (IATA) recognized the outstanding achievements of ISAVIA (Iceland), Air Traffic Control  the Netherlands (LVNL), Nav Canada, Greater Toronto Airports Authority, and Charlotte Douglas International Airport (North Carolina, USA) with IATA’s prestigious Eagle Awards.

Eagle Awards honor air navigation service providers (ANSPs) and airports for outstanding performance in customer satisfaction, cost efficiency, and continuous improvement. They are based on the recommendations of the independent Eagle Awards Panel. The awards were presented by Dr Assad Kotaite, Chairman of the Eagle Awards Panel, in front of 600 top industry leaders gathered at IATA’s 66th Annual General Meeting and World Air Transport Summit in Berlin, Germany.

“The impact of the global financial crisis followed by the recession has had an enormous negative impact on airlines. The cooperation of all the value chain was critical as airlines struggled to cope with the unprecedented 14.3% drop in revenues—$81 billion—and mounting losses. The Eagle Award winners addressed this challenge in a spirit of partnership and delivered outstanding results,” said Kotaite.

„Infrastructure charges take up 11% of our revenues. Airlines need value for the $54 billion that they spend for airport and air navigation service charges annually. The five Eagle winners have put the needs of their airline customers first and delivered excellent value for money. We are pleased to honor these role models at our most important industry meeting,“ said Giovanni Bisignani, IATA’s Director General and CEO.

Most Improved ANSP – ISAVIA (Iceland)
ISAVIA has worked diligently to improve its financial and operational performance, implement good cost containment initiatives, and reduce its charges.  “ISAVIA has also played a key role in initiating significant improvements to the charging structure in North Atlantic airspace. This is the kind of innovation we need in our partners,” said Bisignani.

Most Improved ANSP – LVNL (Netherlands)
LVNL consults meaningfully and transparently to ensure equitable charges. “Most importantly, it has made tough decisions to reduce costs through stringent measures and has worked closely with the Dutch Government to freeze certain charges for five years,” said Bisignani.

Best ANSP – Nav Canada
Nav Canada is a global leader in the efficient implementation and reliable delivery of air traffic control procedures and technologies. It actively engages its customers at all levels in regular and meaningful consultations. “The performance of Nav Canada has been enhanced by the right technical and operational investments following extensive cost/benefit analyses. Nav Canada’s effective management has allowed the company to reduce its charges in 2006 and 2007, and freeze them at that level ever since,” Bisignani said.

Most Improved Airport – Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA)
GTAA has taken significant initiatives to reduce costs and increase its commercial revenues. Since the beginning of 2010, it implemented a 10% reduction in landing and terminal charges.  “GTAA is a great turnaround story. A change in management drove change throughout the organization and delivered much-needed performance improvements. By refocusing the airport on meeting the needs of its customers, GTAA went from the IATA Wall of Shame to the Hall of Eagles,” said Bisignani.

Best Airport – Charlotte Douglas International Airport
Charlotte Douglas is one of the most cost competitive airports in North America. “Charlotte Douglas has the winning combination: low costs, low debt, and solid service levels. The strong financial and operational model at Charlotte Douglas works well for airlines, passengers, and the airport. There can be no greater accolade than the continued support from its major airline customers through this Eagle Award,” said Bisignani.  

Honorable Mentions: The Eagle Award panel also gave honorable mentions to:

The Irish Aviation Authority for its best practice Customer Care Campaign, and its robust and stringent cost-control measures in a difficult environment.

Airports of Thailand for its work to improve airport facilities and services for passengers while helping airlines to maintain the financial viability of their operations in Bangkok.

King Fahd International Airport, Saudi Arabia, for its low aeronautical charges, support for a “Single Till” and improvements in its product offerings to airlines and their passengers.

„I congratulate all of this year’s Eagle Award winners for their great achievements. We look forward to further efficiency and performance improvements from these role models for all infrastructure providers. You must continue to lead the way in setting the standards for performance, cost efficiency, and continuous improvements for others to strive for,“ said Bisignani.

Previous Eagle Award winners are:
Year: 2009
Airport: Geneva International Airport, Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB)
Air Navigation Service Provider: Vietnam Air Navigation Services Corporation (VANSCORP), Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS)

Year: 2008
Airport: Incheon International Airport, Tampa International Airport    
Air Navigation Service Provider: Airways New Zealand

Year: 2007
Airport: Vancouver Airport Authority    
Air Navigation Service Provider: DGAC Chile

Year: 2006
Airport: Manchester Airport
Air Navigation Service Provider: LFV of Sweden

Year: 2005
Airport: Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, Brisbane International Airport    
Air Navigation Service Provider: AirServices Australia

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