Lufthansa launches new staff recruitment campaign

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“Addressing the right people the right way“ – Ad motifs encourage dialogue

Lufthansa is launching a new staff recruitment marketing campaign. With innovative and eye-catching motifs, the Aviation Group is stepping up its quest for talents. “Recruiting the right people for each job is our objective,” explains Doris Krüger, Director Corporate Personnel Marketing and Recruitment. “We are treading a new and innovative path. With a number of diverse and rather unusual motifs in personnel marketing, our aim is to enter into dialogue with interested and prospective applicants. This new approach is an ongoing development, which is consistent with Group-wide uniform standards for all communication channels utilized for staff recruitment,“ she said.

Lufthansa is offering positions in the Aviation Group to 2,500 new staff in this year alone. By year-end, around 260 flight attendants and 65 station staff are to be taken on in Frankfurt. A further 140 flight attendants and 30 Service Professionals for passenger services at the airport are to be recruited in Munich.

The new Lufthansa staff recruitment campaign, which is to run up to March 2007, will feature in different media. Alongside the internet, it will appear in print publications from the tourist industry, the hotel and restaurant trade as well as in health and lifestyle magazines and on advertising space in underground and tram stations in Frankfurt and Munich. Eye-catching photos to drive home the campaign message include a glass perched perilously on the armrest of a seat in the aircraft cabin or a cuddly puppy left behind by a child, which has to be put on the next flight so as to be reunited with its young owner. Accompanying the photos is a brief text urging applicants to use their ingenuity and initiative to resolve the problem. Follow-up campaigns are in the pipeline for other target groups.

The central platform of the new campaign is the Lufthansa online career portal at, which has successively been enhanced with new functions for online staff recruitment since coming on stream in October 2002. Registered in a talent pool in the portal are more than 25,000 prospective job applicants with their qualifications profile. A “Career Assistant“ is available to highlight job vacancies, as they arise, so that none of the applicants risks missing a position for which their skills suit them. At Lufthansa, 95 per cent of all job applications are now handled online.

[GADS_NEWS]Lufthansa ranks among Germany’s most attractive employers, offering a broad array of opportunities for advanced training and career development within the Aviation Group. In a recent poll of 12,000 pupils from gymnasium-level, secondary and vocational schools, conducted by the trendence Personnel Marketing Institute, Lufthansa was voted from more than 100 employers among the top five most popular companies.


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