American Airlines Adamirals Club Lounges begin Wine Cork Recycling Programme

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American Airlines Adamirals Club Lounges begin Wine Cork Recycling Programme

American Airlines Adamirals Club Lounges begin Wine Cork Recycling Programme

Admirals Club Lounge Continues 70th Birthday Celebration

As American Airlines Admirals Club® locations continue to celebrate its 70th birthday, all those recently popped corks are getting recycled.

The Admirals Club lounge has partnered with ReCORK America and Sodexo to begin an environment-friendly recycling program to reduce the number of wine corks that end up in landfills.

According to Amorim, sponsor of ReCORK America, more than 13 billion natural cork wine stoppers are produced worldwide for the wine industry each year. This new initiative, offered in every US domestic Admirals Club lounge plus the San Juan location, will recycle natural wine corks – those made from cork material – used by the clubs or brought into the clubs by customers, by donating them to ReCORK America. In turn, ReCORK America will send them to manufacturers that can turn them into items such as shoe soles or flooring.

„We are pleased to work with ReCORK America to recycle and reuse products that would normally be thrown away,“ said Nancy Knipp, President – Admirals Club. „Even small items such as wine corks, when recycled, can make a big difference to our environment.“

The Admirals Club lounges located in 24 cities will collect corks for the program: Dallas/Fort Worth, Chicago O’Hare, Miami, New York La Guardia, New York JFK, Boston, Los Angeles, St. Louis, San Jose, Washington Reagan National, Washington Dulles, Raleigh/Durham, Atlanta, Austin, Denver, Honolulu, Kansas City, Nashville, Newark, Orange County, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco and San Juan.

„Natural cork wine closures are ideal for recycling because they are a truly sustainable resource and one of the few forms of product packaging that is 100 percent recyclable, biodegradable and completely environmentally friendly,“ said Roger Archey, Spokesperson – ReCORK America. „Cork is also a natural retainer of CO2 and helps fight global warming.“

Lately, American’s Admirals Club lounges have had a few more corks to recycle than usual as they toast their 70th birthday. In 1939, American Airlines opened the airline industry’s first VIP lounge at La Guardia Airport in New York. Today, seven decades later, more than 40 clubs are located worldwide.

American, a founding member of the oneworld® Alliance, is inviting its customers to experience the Admirals Club legacy and help the airline celebrate 70 years of Admirals Club. Individual lounges are staging their own passenger parties during 70 days of celebration, while a $70 savings offer on Admirals Club membership is also available by collecting and redeeming coupons from the front desk at any international lounge before 19th October.


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