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August 2009 brought one major change to L.A.’s dream land of Hollywood. The world’s first eco-themed park, Environmentaland was just opened here.

The new eco-themed park is certainly an unusual attraction. Visitors of all ages and tastes will find something to amuse themselves with, whether it is the energy-generating see-saw, recycled paper plane takeoff, mini bin exhibit, desert mini golf and alternative energy-fueled golf carts, planetarium and much more. Environmentaland (http://www.globalinheritance.org/programs/read/20/environmentaland) was created by Global Inheritance, a non-profit organization which promotes social, environmental and community change by means of many ongoing projects, aimed at engaging mainly young people. Such campaigns include TRASHed – Art of Recycling or Tour Rider which focuses on traffic reduction. The theme park strives to send the message as well – we need to be aware of our environment and the way we treat it. Common sense is the right way to go, rather than obsession with being green by all means. The program of the park includes fashion shows, movie nights as well as art shows, spinning classes generating electricity, of course, and recycling drives. Those, who arrive via public transportation, will even be admitted for free. Otherwise, Environmentaland visitors are encouraged to submit a $3 donation to the park. The park will stay open until October 2009. Global Inheritance is planning to take the park on the road and exhibit in other major cities, such as Chicago or New York. Such eco-projects are an excellent idea to raise awareness and teach young people to live eco-friendly. If only there were more such campaigns which would help spread ‘the word’ and change our approach to treating the planet.

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