Riding Centre adds to the Seychelles adventure

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Riding Centre adds to the Seychelles adventure

Riding Centre adds to the Seychelles adventure

If you’re dreaming of horse riding into virgin forests and along white sandy beaches then there is no need to look any further than the Utegangar Riding Centre. Being the only equestrian centre on Mahé this horse riding facility is amongst the islands‘ niche products which bring guests closer to nature as they explore the western side of Mahé.

The owner, Barbora Panovsky, who originates from the Czech Republic, has dedicated 6 years in training and looking after the horses as well as preparing the centre to cater for a varied clientele. In total there are 11 horses, some of which are pure-bred Arabian whereas others have been brought in from La Digue and bred with the pure breeds.

„Each horse has a unique personality,“ says Miss Panovsky „some are gentle, some more forward going, but they all enjoy the rides“ she adds that all the horses are friendly and playful and there are horses to suit and please all riding levels.

Situated at Barbarons, Utegangar offers divers activities when horse riding either in the tranquil forests, through mangroves, amongst the aroma of the cinnamon trees or up valleys to a secret waterfall where guests can take a dip in the natural cool pool. Packages on offer can also include romantic strolls along the long Grand Anse Beach finishing with a diving or snorkeling session or even a picnic while watching the sun setting on the horizon.

For first-timers or young children there are beginners session done in the safety of a training area specially made for this purpose.

„I never let a first timer ride by alone, there have never been any accidents, I take special care and I don’t ride but walk with the beginner’s horse to be sure.“

Utegangar Riding Centre is open every day and reservation requires at least 24 hours notice.

„For the coming months we will be having new packages and exciting activities for adults and children alike,“ says Miss Panovsky. „We expect to have a few more horses as well and we hope that guests can truly come and enjoy the Seychelles through horse riding and enhance their holiday experience on the different islands.“

Photo: Seychelles Tourism Board

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