Sunyang Eco-Healing Seychelles Marathon

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Sunyang Eco-Healing Seychelles Marathon

Sunyang Eco-Healing Seychelles Marathon

At 06.00 hrs on Sunday 15th February 2009, the 2nd edition of Eco Healing Seychelles Marathon kicked off at Beau Vallon Beach, under the new name of its partner, Sunyang. This year’s marathon saw 247 participants from 15 countries including Seychelles, USA, France, South Africa, South Korea, Italy, Germany, Spain, Nigeria, Netherlands, Mauritius and Cameroon.

English marathoner Gina Little, completed her 303rd marathon, finished in second place. She was the oldest runner at 63 years old doing a time of 4 hours 36 minutes and 43 seconds.

„It’s one of the toughest I’ve ever run,“ she said and added that she hopes to come back next year and bring her fellow marathoners along.

The winners for the full 42.195km were both Seychellois, winning an Air Seychelles round-trip ticket to Singapore, one week’s accommodation at Sunset Beach Resort, a trophy, medal, certificate and T-shirt.

The female winner, Simone Jaffa, finished her first marathon in the full course in three hours 30 minutes and 19 seconds and the male victor was two-time winner of the eco-healing marathon, Simon Labiche, who finished the race in two hours 37 minutes and 38 seconds.

Other female runners who finished the course were South African Joanne Elizabeth Jones (4h23:17), and Seychellois Juliette Hoareau (4h42:16) who is based in England.

Male runners were Italian Graziano Tamai (second in 3h03:59), Seychellois Michel Souris (third in 3h52:36), Italian Angelo Dagnino (fourth in 3h52:55), Frenchman Fabien Ledizos (fifth in 4h01:24), Seychellois Keven Larue (sixth in 4h11:11), Seychellois Vincent Bandon (seventh in 4h14:15), German Dieter Elster (eighth in 4h31:30) and Frenchman Donavan Godet (ninth in 4h48:37).

This competition, whose inaugural run took place last year, was open to all male and female participants of 12 years and above who participated in any one of three categories: a full course of 42.195 km; a half-course of 21 km and a fun run of 10 km. The event was co-ordinated by the honorary consul of Seychelles in Korea, Mr. Dong Chang Jeong, in conjunction with the National Sports Council, Seychelles Tourism Board and Creole Travel Services.

The philosophy behind the marathon is to promote healthy living, for which running through Seychelles pristine, beautiful countryside and enjoying its stunning scenery and unique flora & fauna is a powerful icon which, this year assembled some 212 participants comprising runners.

Cash prizes for both male and female marathon winners started from $500 for the victors, $400 for second place, $300 and $200 for 3rd and 4th places respectively and $100 for fifth place. Other cash prizes, medals and certificates will be awarded to victors of the other races.

Photo: Seychelles Tourism Board


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