Petr Řehák becomes the new Czech Airlines Vice-President for Sales

14 Sep 2006 [08:01h]     Bookmark and Share

At its meeting today, the Board of Directors of Czech Airlines (ČSA) appointed a new Vice-President for Sales, Petr Řehák (32), former Managing Director of Trade at eBanka, a.s.

“Sales is an area of clear priority for us at this time. That’s why I’m glad we’ve been able to bring Mr. Řehák to Czech Airlines, a man with a proven track record from his previous employment. As head of sales, Mr. Řehák will be responsible for bringing about changes in the commercial behaviour of the company, changes that are necessary to ensure the future of Czech Airlines,“ said President of the company Radomír Lašák.

The Sales Division, which Petr Řehák has been put in charge of as of today, was created with the break-up of the original Marketing and Sales Division. This division was previously fully responsible for all services provided to clients, from product development to sales of flight tickets. It was divided in two in May 2006, creating the Marketing and Product Development Division and the Sales Division. The senior team at the company is now complete with the arrival of Petr Řehák at Czech Airlines.

Petr Řehák studied at the Faculty of Social and Economic Studies at J. E. Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem, specialising in business economics and management. He began working as Head of the Department of Business Clientele at ČSOB, a.s. during his university studies, before working as branch manager for Komerční banka in Teplice between 2000 and 2002. Mr. Řehák joined eBanka a.s. in 2002, taking up the position of Head of the North Bohemian Division. He then became Head of the Commercial Division in Prague and the Trade Finance Division in 2003 and later Managing Director for Trade. He was also elected a member of the Board of Directors in 2004. Among his duties at eBanka, Mr. Řehák was responsible for creating and fulfilling the business strategy of the bank, for strategic development and business projects, for the retail clientele distribution network, and for mortgage loans, external distribution networks, the call centre, telemarketing, trade finance, and cash management. Mr. Řehák speaks English and Russian. His interests include sport, sports aviation, and aircraft model building.

ČSA senior management

  • Radomír Lašák –President of ČSA
  • Dušan Ryban – Vice-president for Human Resources, ČSA
  • Jiří Devát – Vice-president for Information Technology, ČSA
  • Luboš Černý – Vice-president, Financial, ČSA
  • Marie Macounová – Vice-president for Marketing and Product Development, ČSA
  • Peter Jusko – Vice-president for Ground Operations, ČSA
  • Petr Řehák – Vice-president for Sales, ČSA
  • Tomáš Heczko –  Vice-president, Technical, ČSA
  • Jan Janík – winner of the selection process for the position of Vice-president for Flight Operations, ČSA
  • František Šír – Executive Director, Supplier Service Management, ČSA


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